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5 Best Drinks for Weight Loss

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When starting a weight loss diet or regime, for many people, the focus tends to be on the food we’re eating and the calories we are burning. However, it is extremely common to forget the calories we are consuming by means of drinks. As they are not technically ‘food’, could be knocked back quickly and usually don’t contribute much to helping us feel full, you can easily forget the energy they are providing which may be inhibiting weight loss. But beware, the typical American gets a fifth of the daily calories from drinks, and lots of popular choices can have as numerous calories and as much fat because the foods you avoid like the plague when attempting to lose weight.

The worst offenders would be the usual suspects: Those that contribute a lot of calories, but provide little to no

Best Healthy Drinks for Fast Weight Loss
Best Healthy Drinks for Fast Weight Loss

nutritional benefit. These include sodas, energy drinks and many sports drinks (you simply really need these if you are doing a bit of fairly intense exercise, so if you’re not managing a marathon give them a miss). Other culprits that aren’t so obvious are large fancy coffees, a sizable full cream latte having a vanilla shot will weigh in at 380 calories and 17.9 grams of fat, or even the equivalent of 10 rashers of bacon! Alcohol may also contribute to weight gain, providing a substantial amount of calories and incredibly little nutritional benefit, and that we all know how easy it’s for one glass of wine becoming a bottle.

A number of drinks will help you lose weight. However, we tend to drink lots of beverages that contain lots of sugar and calories that aren’t good for the body. Here’s a list of 5 best drinks for losing weight:

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Not every milk is laden with calories. The best milk can actually help you lose weight. Non-fat, skim, and low-fat milk smoothies add strength towards the bones and are highly nutritious.


Pure and straightforward, water is the single best drink for weight reduction. A dieter is advised to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water each day. Research indicates that we often confuse thirst signals with hunger signals. So, before getting ready to have a big meal, a much better idea would be to wait for a short time and drink a glass water or a water-based smoothie instead. Drinking ice-cold water can help you burn 62 calories a day. That comes down to an amazing 430 calories per week!

Green Tea

There are many healthy tea options available. However, just a few of them can be made without using any sugar. The very best teas that promote weight loss are tasty herb teas. These don’t require milk; all that you should do is drop the tea bag in boiling warm water for a couple of minutes and allow it to simmer. If you want to drink it cold, give a few ice cubes. A green tea smoothie is another great weight loss option that has a lot of antioxidants which promote good health.

Black coffee

Moderately (maximum 3 to 4 cups each day), black coffee has been shown to have beneficial effects for that health. It contains antioxidants which may help fight some types of cancer, and has also been associated with reduced chance of diseases such as heart disease and kind 2 Diabetes. Caffeine is also thought to stimulate one’s metabolism and increase calorie burning. On surface of all this it is calorie free which makes it the perfect weight loss pick. Just remember to not keep it black or add merely a small amount of low fat milk and don’t drink too much sugar or a coffee can quickly be a high calorie beverage.

Fruit Juices

While a juice is a great weight loss option, check the nutritional info on the label before drinking plenty of it every day. Most processed fruit juices don’t use any natural fruit pulp. They’ve high amounts of sugar, that might render your diet useless. Natural fruit juices are the best choice. Vegetable juice smoothies will also be a good option because they use less sugar for sweetening.

Fish Oil and Weight Loss

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Fish oil is good for your body since it is rich in omega 3 that helps fight and stop cardiovascular diseases and lower cholesterol. Recently, it comes with an increase of popularity of omega-3 fatty acids for weight loss. It is believed to aid in shedding the pounds faster particularly when combined with diet and exercise.

How Will It Assist you to Lose Weight

Fish Oil and Weight Loss
Fish Oil and Weight Loss

Fish oil contains essential fatty acids for brain development, boosting the defense mechanisms, preventing depression, maintaining a proper nervous system, prevents dry eyes and arthritis, to have a healthy glowing skin free from acne, shiny hair and many more. When your whole system is healthy and functioning well, it may burn calories and stored fats faster. You can also get more energy to work to lose more calories.

When you have a healthy body, your metabolism may even work faster and can turn stored fats into energy faster. The omega 3 in omega-3 fatty acids stimulates the metabolism making one lose weight faster. It may even be more effective if coupled with exercise. It will decrease the insulin levels in your body thereby increasing your metabolism and letting you burn up to 75 calories each day. Low insulin levels will also cause the body to utilise stored fats and use it for energy. Calories burned is going to be much higher if you do it with daily exercise.

Some research has shown that fish oil decreases the appetite by upping your leptin sensitivity. It also contributes to fat oxidation that will include stored fats. All these and much more are the main reasons why fish oil for weight loss is extremely effective and healthy for you.

Omega-3 fatty acids and Exercise

Although fish oil alone can bring about weight loss, the effect will be more significant if completed with regular exercise. Exercise will also help tone parts of your muscles and strengthen you core. Exercise like omega-3 fatty acids lowers insulin levels allowing the body to use more stored fats. Fish oil can help your body to function better however it needs other support too like diet and exercise. It is not a magic solution that may answer all your weight loss needs and look after your well-being. A good combination of diet and exercise along with fish oil is the perfect formula.

Omega-3 fatty acids improves body composition while exercise makes it strong to make it healthier and functioning well. Some theories state that fish oil increases the elasticity from the blood vessels improving blood flow especially during exercise. An rise in blood flow could increase weight loss.

Fish Oil and Proper Diet

Omega-3 fatty acids can set you up for a better and healthier lifestyle. Your body becomes healthier as well as your appetite will be lessened. No more food cravings and food cravings. When your appetite is low, the body is more open to healthier foods.

It is crucial that you have proper diet while you are taking omega-3 fatty acids supplement in order to get the maximum effect for the health and for your weight loss plan. Starving yourself won’t help. Your body needs the proper nutrition to be able to burn more fats. Healthy foods that may help you build stronger bones and muscles will accelerate body fat burning process. Healthy and strong muscles require more energy to operate thus burning more calories.