Lighting Design

Exterior Landscaping Lighting Design for Front Yard

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The benefits of landscaping lighting is it helps extend your lighting to the yard and lets you enjoy the outside for as long as you want. Landscape lighting also provides exterior home security, comfort, and visual aid for your back and front yard. Usually accent and task landscaping lighting are great techniques to start with when choosing fixtures for your yard. You want to select fixtures that allow you to move around safely and provide an efficient light source that allows you to do what you have to outside the home. Try not to choose bulbs that glare too intensely and stay away from fixtures that will create light pollution.

Be Strategic Lighting

Play up the strengths of your front yard. Even if you’re working with less than 100 square feet, you can make the most of the space using a combination of landscaping lighting, hardscaping and lighting to give your front yard some added curb appeal.                                                Landscaping Lighting Design

Walkway Lighting

By alternating the lights on different sides of the path is a nice alternative to the standard uniform path landscaping lighting set-up. Path lights should be spaced about 5-8 feet apart depending on the light output. Properly spacing out path lights will allow you to create a more efficient usage of your fixtures and create a safer route from point A to point B.

Pool Landscape Lighting

Luxury home would not be complete with a pond. The pool is lighting designed with natural stones, grass, flowers, and a small waterfall can add to the beauty of the house. Relax while enjoying the sound of water in the pool will be great fun. Lovely pools also require landscaping lighting. You need pool landscape lighting ideas.. The lights will be placed in the pond so that the water in the pool will glow. If there is a small waterfall, the lamp can be placed around it. You can choose the white light so that the water in the pond looks clear.

Down Lighting

Down lighting is a common technique used to supply light to a wide area from high above. Mounting lights high in trees will help broadcast a large source of light over a wide area down below. This type of installation creates general ambient light for backyard entertaining and also illuminates for safety and security. Down lighting fixtures can also be installed under eaves of a structure to highlight architectural detail.

Backyard Landscape Lighting

Your backyard can be built a pool, cabana, or garden. Do not let the backyard becomes vacant and overgrown with shrubs. Backyard conditions that overlooked the house will make an appearance for the worse. A beautiful garden with cabana could be an option. Cabana wakes of the wood so that it can blend naturally. Backyard landscape lighting ideas could be used to make the appearance more perfect cabana and garden. Parks will glow and you can enjoy the beauty of the park to sit comfortably in the cabana. Add overstuffed sofas and a table to put a book or meal.

Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

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Lighting is very important in any bathroom design ideas. A proper lighting for your bathroom can safe you from dangerBathroom Lighting of accident for example slipping or cutting yourself when you are shaving. Putting u one centre lighting in your bathroom ceiling may not be enough to light up all of the hidden parts inside your bathroom. Despite for safety, lighting may add the beauty of your bathroom design. Here are some bathrooms lighting design ideas for the references.

The first thing that you need to do before you take off all of your bulbs inside your bathroom is deciding the areas to light up. You need more light inside your dressing area above the mirror to light up your area of working when you are prepping oneself in your bath room. In this term, you can include a small spot lights over the mirror as your bathrooms lighting design ideas.

Choose Good Lighting Fixtures Design

You’ll find the bathroom lighting fixtures such as beautiful lamps shades, ceiling downlights or glasses. Commonly the fabric used such as wrought iron, shades or perhaps a capiz and durable frosted glass. You can also choose designs myriad like tear shaped pendant lights or tulip shape ceiling down lights. Bathroom lighting ideas may also you get by using bathroom decoration.

Mirror lighting

In virtually every bathroom there will be a mirror. This can vary in dimensions and style. A great way of using light inside your bathroom is to have lighting in or around the mirror.

There are lots of stylish mirrors on the market that really have lighting built into them; these come in all shapes and sizes to fit any bathroom. The lights change from halogen to LED lighting, and wall mirrors to standing mirrors. These look wonderful and the light styles change from circles, squares and strips to even infinity mirrors. They are nearly all available in a warm or perhaps a pure white to suit your design and want.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lights are great; you will find hundreds to choose from so you could certainly look for a style to fit your bathroom. They come in all colours and sizes. Because pendants hang low the sunshine given off from them is directional; ideal to illuminate certain features like sinks.


Lots of people use bathrooms as a spot to unwind. If you are looking for subtle mood lighting then there’s nothing more perfect than candles. These may be placed all around the bathroom and are available in most colours, shapes and sizes.

Colour lighting

To really give a feature to your bathroom you could add colour lighting. This is often fitted anywhere to give a splash of colour. There are numerous types from LED shower heads to LED strip lighting. The color lighting can be used to highlight an area, as an example the shower as feature lighting. There are lots of types of colour lighting now available types that even alter the colour, giving you the option to alter the colour suit your mood.

Marker lighting

Marker lighting is individual circles of light. There are usually low powered so you can take a look at them, they are ideal to mark/highlight areas of your bathroom.

Wall lighting

Wall lights can be used general lighting, or even feature lighting.

These are merely a few ideas of ways you can use lighting inside your bathroom. As you can see lighting can play a massive part within the design of your bathroom or any room. Take this into account when redesigning your bathroom.