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Kitchen Cabinet Colors And Laminates for a New Kitchen

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Your kitchen cabinets look like they are right out the Sixties and you would like to bring them in to the twenty-first century. However, in the current economy you don’t think you really can afford to replace your old cabinets. You might want to know what options are available to you and just what costs will be associated with each option. Instead of replacing all of the cabinets, you might try cabinet refacing in Bay area. Refacing a cabinet means to put a new front, or face onto it to update it or alter the style or color.

One of the first things you must do is see whether the existing cabinet boxes and doors and drawer fronts are sound as well as in good enough condition to use. When the boxes are in good shape however the doors and drawer fronts aren’t, you can work with a vendor offering cabinet refacing in Bay area to replace the doors and drawer fronts with new, updated ones. This can definitely save you money as opposed to replacing everything. Most vendors offering cabinet refacing in Bay area offer free, in-home consultations to help you with your project. Your consultant can help you determine the condition of your current cabinets. In case your doors and drawer fronts are sound, you might simply want to change the color.


Wood cabinets are attractive, there are many different types of wood to select from. You can get wood cabinets in any color or finish you’d like. Over time, wood cabinets can start to warp because of temperature changes and humidity. Stay away from wooden tracks for drawers, a treadmill day your drawers may not open and close like they accustomed to.


There are different options for particleboard, but avoid very thin options. Thin particleboard can break easily, as well as your cabinets may start to sag. It’s one of the cheapest options, however, if you choose it be sure to decide on a thicker version.


Plastic laminate cabinets will also be popular because of the variety of colors they are available in. They’re sturdy, but they can chip easily. Laminate cabinets tend to be more difficult to fix than other forms. For example, wood can be sanded. Laminate might need to be replaced.

Laminate Kitchen Colors

The colour range and designs of Laminate Kitchen doors undergo via a process of constant change and addition that is driven by current market demand and style trends. We offer a nice selection of plain and wooden-structured colors that you should choose from. Your kitchen can be designed entirely with laminate doors in a single color or a mix of couple colors. Alternatively you are able to mix in aluminum frame doors that are highly popular and stylish. All Laminate Kitchen boxes are ¾” chipboard construction; doors provided with matching 2mm PVC edging or 2mm solid brushed aluminum.

The shades you chose for your kitchen design is determined by the properties and textures of each and every of the surfaces. Glossy surfaces will reflect more light and appearance different compared to low sheen, painted walls. So, you ought to be careful when trying to complement colors in numerous materials. Sometimes it is best to pick a tone lighter or darker rather than trying to create a precise color match. But, don’t overdo color matching. You can produce a monotone look with almost no variety. Varied shades of the color and complimentary colors can help bring more interest for the setting. Selecting painted cabinets might be just the thing to interrupt in the monotony.