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Great Eye Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

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Make up is an essential part of everyday life and you often need to get the right make up before you attend a party of any kind. Though ethics of make up change from one occasion to another, women need to be very conscious about the right make up for any occasion. The trend of blue eyes is becoming increasingly popular among the people. However, there are many things that people still need to know seriously. Getting blue eyes is not difficult but getting the suitable make up for it is an important thing that many women do not know. The popular tips for Eye makeup for blue eyes are as follows:

Some important makeup tips to accentuate your blue eyes:

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes
Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes
  • The eye shadow colors that will look good on blue eyes are white, grey, icy pink, turquoise, chocolate brown, terracotta, gold, bronze, camel and other neutral shades. You can also add a dot of shimmer or sparkly light eye shadow to the inner corner of each eye to make those blue eyes pop!
  • If you wish to use only one eye shadow, layer it more heavily around the lash line, and then softly blend it so that it fades naturally at the crease. However, when using two different shades of eye shadow, apply a light, neutral shadow under the brow bone and at the inner corner of the eye and then try to line the upper lashes with dark shadow.
  • Mascara makes your eyes look more feminine and pretty and hence you need to use it perfectly. Using plain black mascara is the best choice to highlight the blue color of your eyes. However, if you are tired of using plain black mascara, you can opt for dark blue mascara. Dark blue mascara will help to bring out the natural blue color of your eyes.
  • If you want your eyes to really stand out, then you need to choose the color of your eyeliner perfectly. The best eye liner colors for blue eyes include shades of brown, black, charcoal, camel, taupe, light purple shades, lavender, silver and gray. These color help the eyes look even bluer.
  • When it comes to applying eyeliner, it is advisable to opt for a cat-eye or winged eyeliner look. Winged eyeliner helps to focus more on blue color of your eyes. Go for a subtle, barely-winged look for daily wear, but if it is special occasions, you can apply thick and more exaggerated eyeliner. However, if you wish to create the illusion of a bigger eye, apply plain white eyeliner to the inside of the lower lash liner.
  • Leaving the eyelashes in the natural color can the task of eye coloring incomplete. As eyelashes remain between the eyes and the eyelids, you also need to pay attention towards coloring it appropriately. You need to make sure that you get the right shade for the eye lashes as well. As your eyes are priceless to you, so you need to follow a safe and healthy process to get the right effect on your eyes.
  • Use dark shades of mascara. Mascara should be either dark blue or black. This will enhance the eye color and will go with every shade of eyeshadow that you choose.
  • To hide any dark circles or discoloration, use concealer that matches with your skin tone. With the help of a concealer you can easily cover up fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles. There is no need to use too much concealer. Just a few drops of concealer will do.
  • Also do not forget to curl your eye lashes to make your eyes pop! Curled eye lashes make your eyes look more feminine. Try to use eye lash curler only after applying mascara to enjoy properly curled lashes for hours.

Easy Eye Makeup Tips

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Makeup is so far the best invention for a woman as it helps her to highlight her natural beauty and also hide a few

Tips for Natural Eye Makeup
Tips for Natural Eye Makeup

unwanted flaws if any. Most of us apply makeup on a daily basis before going for work or while going out with friends. While applying makeup, one should try her best to keep it natural yet appealing at the same time.

After all, you do not want your face to look like a pancake! Only essential makeup should be used and that too wisely so as to avoid any makeup blunders. Here are some useful tips for natural looking makeup.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup plays a crucial role in the overall face, so one must pay extra attention on it. Go for pale colored eye shadows as it will look like a natural color on your skin. If you have blue or greenish eyes, pick a pink or brown shaded eye shadow for the natural look. If you have dark eye circles, using an eye primer is a good option.

It will even out the skin tone around the eyes. But, make sure that it completely blends in the skin and give it a few minutes to settle naturally. Try to highlight your eyebrows with a black shaded eye pencil. Next comes the eye liner which should be used in a very thin layer. If you make thick fine lines, it won’t look natural. Now, simply use an eye lash curler to give your lashes a natural definition and complete the makeup with a bit of black mascara.

Smokey Eye Makeup

smoky eye is a well-liked and sultry makeup trick that may give you beautiful eyes. A nontraditional, softer smoky eye could be more flattering than the standard dark smoky eye. This is particularly the case if you are very pale or wish to wear this look throughout the day time. Instead of black, create a brown, gray or perhaps a green smoky eye. To keep it subtle, use gel and pencil eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner. For a nighttime look, stick to the liquid eyeliner.

Pink Eye Makeup

Pink eye constitute is a kind that is closer to the natural kind of eye constitute. And it’s used in casual occasions mostly with darker hues of lipstick. Pink eye constitute is done by the use of pink shades on eyes naturally.

Brown Eyes Makeup

Makeup tips for brown eyes presents a kaleidoscope of the colours which enhances the brown eyes and means they are look out for their sheer beauty.

Colors that are in stark contrast to one another are complimentary and so try to brighten each other. For example red and green or yellow and purple. With respect to the shade of your brown eyes you’ll select the shades of eye shadow for use to brighten the brown which, could give you the effect of lightening that you are after, particularly if you use colors that shine.

Green Eyes Makeup

Green Eye Constitute Green eyes are really fun to work with. They’ve such a wide color vary from turquoise to forest green as well as on. These tips are designed for the majority of green eyes but you will find exceptions to every rule.