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Great Eye Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

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Make up is an essential part of everyday life and you often need to get the right make up before you attend a party of any kind. Though ethics of make up change from one occasion to another, women need to be very conscious about the right make up for any occasion. The trend of blue eyes is becoming increasingly popular among the people. However, there are many things that people still need to know seriously. Getting blue eyes is not difficult but getting the suitable make up for it is an important thing that many women do not know. The popular tips for Eye makeup for blue eyes are as follows:

Some important makeup tips to accentuate your blue eyes:

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes
Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes
  • The eye shadow colors that will look good on blue eyes are white, grey, icy pink, turquoise, chocolate brown, terracotta, gold, bronze, camel and other neutral shades. You can also add a dot of shimmer or sparkly light eye shadow to the inner corner of each eye to make those blue eyes pop!
  • If you wish to use only one eye shadow, layer it more heavily around the lash line, and then softly blend it so that it fades naturally at the crease. However, when using two different shades of eye shadow, apply a light, neutral shadow under the brow bone and at the inner corner of the eye and then try to line the upper lashes with dark shadow.
  • Mascara makes your eyes look more feminine and pretty and hence you need to use it perfectly. Using plain black mascara is the best choice to highlight the blue color of your eyes. However, if you are tired of using plain black mascara, you can opt for dark blue mascara. Dark blue mascara will help to bring out the natural blue color of your eyes.
  • If you want your eyes to really stand out, then you need to choose the color of your eyeliner perfectly. The best eye liner colors for blue eyes include shades of brown, black, charcoal, camel, taupe, light purple shades, lavender, silver and gray. These color help the eyes look even bluer.
  • When it comes to applying eyeliner, it is advisable to opt for a cat-eye or winged eyeliner look. Winged eyeliner helps to focus more on blue color of your eyes. Go for a subtle, barely-winged look for daily wear, but if it is special occasions, you can apply thick and more exaggerated eyeliner. However, if you wish to create the illusion of a bigger eye, apply plain white eyeliner to the inside of the lower lash liner.
  • Leaving the eyelashes in the natural color can the task of eye coloring incomplete. As eyelashes remain between the eyes and the eyelids, you also need to pay attention towards coloring it appropriately. You need to make sure that you get the right shade for the eye lashes as well. As your eyes are priceless to you, so you need to follow a safe and healthy process to get the right effect on your eyes.
  • Use dark shades of mascara. Mascara should be either dark blue or black. This will enhance the eye color and will go with every shade of eyeshadow that you choose.
  • To hide any dark circles or discoloration, use concealer that matches with your skin tone. With the help of a concealer you can easily cover up fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles. There is no need to use too much concealer. Just a few drops of concealer will do.
  • Also do not forget to curl your eye lashes to make your eyes pop! Curled eye lashes make your eyes look more feminine. Try to use eye lash curler only after applying mascara to enjoy properly curled lashes for hours.

Beauty Tips for Effortless Evening Makeup

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The word party brings a smile to everyone’s face and why? Because partying means good clothes, good food, fun, gossip and good company. Just focus and shoot ready to party tonight? No? What’s holding you back?

Effortless Evening makeup
Effortless Evening makeup

Applying makeup is definitely an art that some women handle to complete exceptionally properly. Professionals and experts comprehend the difference among day and evening makeup. There must be a distinction amongst the two since day makeup in sunlight must be a lot more all-natural more than evening makeup. Discover some ideas and techniques for hunting beautiful to have an occasion in the evening and take residence some stunning compliments.

Smokey Eyes
Subdued light during the night are an exceptional time to generate smokey eyes and darker eyes. Deep browns and grays and burgundies are fantastic after dark. Use a pencil to define your vision and they merge easily while using look you wish to attain. For just about any much more dramatic look, extend the best lash liner outwards plus a small upwards. You can use black mascara for your upper lashes and deep brown for that reduce lashes. To full the quintessential glamorous evening appeal for the eyes, blend the colors suitably to cover lines exactly where colors merge. Readmore>>

Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pimples

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Pimples is a very common diseased condition of the skin. It’s not easy to get rid of, and the products we use property of pimples are made of chemicals, which obviously are not great for your skin. So here are home remedies property of pimples naturally, this way you won’t harm your skin.

Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pimples
Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pimples

Ice: Ice cubes will shrink the redness and inflammation of a pimple making it less noticeable.

Toothpaste: Use a very small amount of toothpaste around the pimple before you go to bed, so when you wake up it should have drastically reduced in dimensions.

Garlic: If you rub raw garlic on and round the problem areas several times a day, you are able to clear up your skin. You may also eat three seeds of raw garlic daily for a month to see results. The garlic seeds purify the blood, that really help keeping pimples away.

Orange Peel: After orange peels are pounded and coupled with water to a paste, apply it simply to the affected area and watch the outcomes!

Honey: Honey has antimicrobial properties, so it’s especially ideal for acne prone skin types.
Dab a little amount of honey on the pimple when the head becomes visible. Place a band-aid on it, and go to sleep. Whenever you wake up, it’ll be gone! Don’t forget to moisturize afterwards!

Oatmeal: Cook some oatmeal and put it on, when it’s cool enough, towards the face. Lay down and leave it on for around fifteen minutes and then wash them back. The swelling and the redness ought to be gone and the pimple ought to be visibly reduced! This oatmeal mask is soothing, effective, and never irritating!

Lemon: Overnight use a bit of fresh lemon juice to the pimple to lessen its size and intensity. Wash them back with water the next morning. Make use of this home remedy only if your skin isn’t sensitive.

Vinegar: Put a really small amount of vinegar in a pan, as it may sting otherwise, and allow it to boil. If you have sensitive skin, boil some water inside a pan and add a bit of vinegar. Place your face over the pan for around 5 minutes.

Potato: Slice a raw potato and put it on top of your pimple. Let it rest for five to seven minutes. It will help with healing as well as reducing the swelling and inflammation of the pimple.

7 Top Tourist Attractions in Paris

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Most people would be able to name Paris’ major attractions, and quite a few of first-time visitors to the French capital come with an reasonable idea of which major landmarks and locations they’re looking to visit: The Louvre, l’Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower. Each of these may be worth visiting in their own way, but let’s say you’re looking for something different? Whether you’ve already seen the typical Paris attractions or just want to spend the first trip seeing some of the less crowded, more underrated sights, we at CityTrip Planner have come up with our own top seven of Paris’s best alternatives to the tourist hotspots.

7 Top Tourist Attractions in Paris
7 Top Tourist Attractions in Paris

Eiffel Tower

It is really an iron tower, which was designed for the 1889 World Exposition by Gustave Eiffel. It’s since attracted over 220 million visitors, also it would be hard to imagine Paris now without them. The tower crowns the Paris night sky using its festive light, and glitters up bad weather every hour.

Muse de Orsay

Housing the world’s most significant collection of impressionist and post-impressionist painting, the Musée d’Orsay’s light, airy rooms whir you thru three floors of modern wonders, from Degas’ ethereal dancers to Monet’s water lilies, up to Gaugin’s leafy jungles. Major functions by Van Gogh, Delacroix, Manet, and others await you, too.

The Sorbonn and also the Latin Quarter

The Sorbonne University is founded in 1257 for any small group of theology students and is one of the Europe’s oldest universities. It’s hosted countless great thinkers, including philosophers René Descartes, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Simone de Beauvoir. Have a drink on the café terrace in-front of the college before exploring the curving little streets of the Latin Quarter behind it.

Arc De triomphe and champ elyees

This 164-foot Arc de Triomphe specially produced by Emperor Napoléon I evokes military power and triumph. The arch’s beautiful sculptures celebrate the Napoléon’s generals and soldiers. Go to the Arc de Triomphe to begin and end your walk towards the equally magnificent Avenue des Champs-Elysées.

Centre Georges Pompidou and also the “Beaubourg” Neighborhood

This is a museum of art and culture that was opened in 1977 to honor obama George Pompidou. It is famous for its skeletal designs reminding bones and arteries. It also features works by Modigliani and Matisse. Rooftop views of the town are an added attraction.

Arc de Triomphe

One of typically the most popular tourist attractions in Paris, the Arc de Triomphe was constructed in 1806 to memorialize the triumphal battles of Napoleon Bonaparte. Standing 164 feet high and 148 feet (50 by 45 meters) wide, the arch features intricate reliefs depicting victorious battles and engraved names of lots who died fighting for the emperor. Underneath the arch is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the first world war.


Topping their email list of the world’s most visited museums, the Louvre Museum is situated in the Louvre Palace with its signature glass pyramid marking its entrance. Housing a group of more than 1 million objects, the Louvre boasts some of the world’s most well-known art works such as Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” Michelangelo’s “Dying Slave” and also the Greek statue, “Venus of Milo.” Other popular exhibits range from the extravagant apartments of Napoleon III, the traditional Code of Hammurabi, Egyptian antiquities and paintings by masters like Rembrandt and Rubens.

Bath salts drug dangers and Side effects

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Bath salts recently became popular as a designer drug and therefore are called so due to their crystalline white powder appearance. The truth is, bath salt drugs are not the same bath salts employed for bathing. Typically, bath salts contain methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), mephedrone, or methylone. Caffeine composition of bath salt drugs is very much like stimulant chemicals like amphetamines and cocaine in addition to hallucinogens like ecstasy. Bath salts happen to be gaining popularity in the past few years and were the sixth highest used drug.

Bath salts drug dangers and Side effects
Bath salts drug dangers and Side effects

Bath salts are consumed by injection, ingestion, smoking, or inhaling the drug. Common names for bath salts include Vanilla Sky, Red Dove, Blue Silk, Purple Wave, Zoom, Magic, While Lightning, Super Coke, and Tranquility.

Dangers, Risks, and Prevention Factors for Bath Salts

Risks that are biological, social, and psychological could mean an individual’s chances of developing addiction. Common mental disorders that may lead to abuse of bath salts include depression and anxiety. Additionally, social factors that take into account bath salt addiction include unmarried men from the lower socioeconomic background between the ages of 18 and 44. Addiction strategy to abuse of bath salts often includes intensive monitoring, thorough detoxification, and many medical and psychological measures to assist the individual.

Negative Side effects of bath salts drugs

Bath salts drug , though still legal, could cause effects among users similar to cocaine, meth, or LSD. The drug might be snorted like cocaine also it can cause extreme energy, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, chest pain, cardiac arrest, and stroke. It’s also proven to cause hallucinations, psychosis, and paranoia, which can be very concerning. “People have become violent, or psychotic, and frequently the psychosis is lasting each week or longer, quite unusual.” said Dr. Karen Simone, Director in the Northern Colonial Poison Control Center in Portland, Maine.Like other Nervous system stimulates Bath Salts often increase blood pressure levels, heartbeat, and respiration, nonetheless they may also cause chest pain, cardiac event, or even stroke. Nosebleeds, sweating, nausea, and vomiting are several of the physical symptoms related to bath salts. Bath salts, incase you haven’t heard, are inducing the downfall of America’s youth, madness corruption danger scourge addicts death high. Users snort, smoke or inject the drug, or, in the nothing you’ve seen prior seen technique that’s sweeping the country like wild fire, pour the tub salts inside a large container of tepid to warm water and soak, often in excess of an hour or so Perhaps probably the most dangerous facets of Baths Salts may be the capability to have severe psychological consequences. Actually, there’s been many cases where users have committed suicide because of the affects Bath Salts dress yourself in your brain. Some common psychological negative effects include paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, depression, thoughts of suicide, and panic attacks. Delusions and hallucinations are a handful of negative effects which makes Bath Salts so dangerous not just in it’s users, but to anyone around.

One of many difficulties with designer drugs generally is always there haven’t been any official numerous studies around the long-term effects of abuse. Luckily, the DEA made a decision to fight fire with fire. They executed one last order which makes the selling or possessing caffeine of baths salts illegal. So, instead of through an illegal drug, you’ve got a drug with illegal chemicals. The bathtub salts drug, though still legal, could cause effects among users much like cocaine, meth, or LSD. The medical treatments are generally snorted like cocaine this means you are able to cause extreme energy, rapid cardiac rhythm, insomnia, heart disease, cardiac arrest, and stroke. It’s additionally that could cause hallucinations, psychosis, and paranoia, that’s very concerning. “Everybody starts to become violent, or psychotic, and frequently the psychosis is lasting each week or longer, quite unusual. Uncomfortable unintended outcomes of bath salts drugs. Bath salts, though still legal, might cause effects among users similar to cocaine, meth, or LSD. The drug might be snorted like cocaine also it can cause extreme energy, rapid heart rhythm, insomnia, cardiovascular illnesses, cardiac event, and stroke. It may be additionally proven to cause hallucinations, psychosis, and paranoia, that’s very concerning. “Everybody is becoming violent, or psychotic, and often the psychosis is lasting every week or longer, quite unusual. Banned in a number of states, bath salts contain amphetamine-like chemicals which have uniquely hazardous effects around the brain. If you take the worst attributes of meth, coke, PCP, LSD and Ecstasy and set them together, that’s what we’re seeing sometimes.