The Most Family Friendly Cruise Line

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Choosing the best cruise for your family is a lot more complicated of computer used to be. Some ships be more effective for infants than others, and ditto for teens. Not every itineraries are created equal, either. (Alaska and Caribbean are super destinations that are usually kid-friendly.) Add to the mix the fact that ships vary greatly, not only from line to line but within fleets, which some are better than others in terms of of onboard accouterments. (We tend to recommend cruise lines’ newer ships since these vessels’ facilities were designed for families, not only adapted.)

Family Fun aboard a Cruise Ship - Nice Cruise Ships
Family Fun aboard a Cruise Ship – Nice Cruise Ships

Disney Wonder and Disney Magic

Both Wonder and the Magic, managed by Disney Cruise Lines , sport seven distinct youth clubs, including an arcade along with a nursery for children under five. The special moment and the Wonder each include large family-oriented swimming pools, in addition to quiet cove pools for adults to unwind and unwind. All of Disney’s cruise ships visit Castaway Cay, a private island owned by Disney Cruise Lines, for many family fun. The Magic offers seven- and eight-day cruises with the Caribbean, while the Wonder offers three- and four-day cruises with the Bahamas.

Allure of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas weighs about 225,000 tons — making it by far the world’s largest cruise ship at the date of publication. The Allure is over 1,000 feet long, 200 feet wide and 14 decks tall, which supplies enough room to house over 4,000 passengers and the other 2,000 crew members. The Allure features nearly every amenity a large city could offer, including an roller skating rink, nine-hole mini-golf course, rock climbing, four pools, spa, casino, 1,400-seat theater, 22 restaurants, and multiple children’s and teens’ clubs and activity centers. Staterooms aboard the Allure range from the standard at 150 sq ft, to the royal suite at over 1,500 sq ft, with loft. The Allure also provides the Dreamworks Experience, which allows young passengers to have interaction with characters from movies for example “Shrek” and “How to Train Your Dragon.”

The Dream

The biggest ship of the Disney cruise line, the Dream, may be the ultimate family cruise ship. At a healthy 130,000 tons, the Dream may be the 16th largest cruise ship in the world. Exactly what the Dream lacks in size, it a lot more than makes up for in luxury accommodations and family-oriented fun. The Dream boasts four pools, including two large family pools; the Aquaduck, a 700-foot long water coaster; Nemo’s Reef for young children; along with a quiet cove pool for adult relaxation. Together with world-class water entertainment, the Dream includes two full-size theaters with movie showings and live performances; seven youth clubs which include an arcade and nursery; 11 adult lounges/clubs; fine dining; and of course, all of your favorite Disney characters for entertainment and greetings. The Disney Dream is more epensive than most comparably sized cruise ships, but many passengers find the extra money to become well spent.

Carnival Magic

Carnival’s slogan is definitely “the fun ship.” Carnival’s Magic is one of the fleet’s newest ships and boasts all of the latest in cruise entertainment. The ship comes with its own on-board social networking tool that guests may access using their devices or on one of the ship’s computers. A backyard movie screen, laser light show and spas cantilevered over the ship’s rail will appeal towards the older kids or adults within the family. For the youngest members, you have the Camp Carnival area for kids aged 2 to 11. Dance floors and video arcades are aimed toward the tweens in the group.