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Exterior Landscaping Lighting Design for Front Yard

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The benefits of landscaping lighting is it helps extend your lighting to the yard and lets you enjoy the outside for as long as you want. Landscape lighting also provides exterior home security, comfort, and visual aid for your back and front yard. Usually accent and task landscaping lighting are great techniques to start with when choosing fixtures for your yard. You want to select fixtures that allow you to move around safely and provide an efficient light source that allows you to do what you have to outside the home. Try not to choose bulbs that glare too intensely and stay away from fixtures that will create light pollution.

Be Strategic Lighting

Play up the strengths of your front yard. Even if you’re working with less than 100 square feet, you can make the most of the space using a combination of landscaping lighting, hardscaping and lighting to give your front yard some added curb appeal.                                                Landscaping Lighting Design

Walkway Lighting

By alternating the lights on different sides of the path is a nice alternative to the standard uniform path landscaping lighting set-up. Path lights should be spaced about 5-8 feet apart depending on the light output. Properly spacing out path lights will allow you to create a more efficient usage of your fixtures and create a safer route from point A to point B.

Pool Landscape Lighting

Luxury home would not be complete with a pond. The pool is lighting designed with natural stones, grass, flowers, and a small waterfall can add to the beauty of the house. Relax while enjoying the sound of water in the pool will be great fun. Lovely pools also require landscaping lighting. You need pool landscape lighting ideas.. The lights will be placed in the pond so that the water in the pool will glow. If there is a small waterfall, the lamp can be placed around it. You can choose the white light so that the water in the pond looks clear.

Down Lighting

Down lighting is a common technique used to supply light to a wide area from high above. Mounting lights high in trees will help broadcast a large source of light over a wide area down below. This type of installation creates general ambient light for backyard entertaining and also illuminates for safety and security. Down lighting fixtures can also be installed under eaves of a structure to highlight architectural detail.

Backyard Landscape Lighting

Your backyard can be built a pool, cabana, or garden. Do not let the backyard becomes vacant and overgrown with shrubs. Backyard conditions that overlooked the house will make an appearance for the worse. A beautiful garden with cabana could be an option. Cabana wakes of the wood so that it can blend naturally. Backyard landscape lighting ideas could be used to make the appearance more perfect cabana and garden. Parks will glow and you can enjoy the beauty of the park to sit comfortably in the cabana. Add overstuffed sofas and a table to put a book or meal.

5 Best Window air Conditioner for Your Room

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Window air conditioners your rooms are quiet-operating marvels of design that can do an excellent job of cooling rooms or confined spaces. The trick when buying a new room air conditioner is to select a model that is suited to your room, and will handle the job affordably, efficiently, and reliably.

There’s a reason window air conditioners are one of the most popular ways to stay cool: They quickly bring down the temperature and humidity in your room for less money than a central air unit or a portable air conditioner. The best are also quiet, energy efficient and easy to use. We use both expert tests and owner reviews to name the best in-wall and window air conditioners for small, medium and large rooms.                  Window air Conditioner


The 8,000 BTU LG LW8015ER is another in this well-reviewed line up of LG window air conditioners, but this one is made for a mid-sized room and might be a particularly good choice for a bedroom. In testing, it quickly and effectively cools rooms of up to 340 square feet. The LG LW8015ER has a decent set of convenience features, including an Energy Saver mode that helps keep utility bills low and a dedicated dehumidifying-only mode that’s great for cool, but clammy, weather.

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1

The 5,000 BTU Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 is a solid, basic air conditioner for smaller rooms up 150 square feet. It gets excellent ratings for quickly cooling even on the low setting. Users say it’s easy to install and operate and, although it’s decidedly low tech, many like its straightforward controls. They also appreciate the washable antibacterial filter and durable design. Overall it’s a good value, but it lacks convenience features such as a remote control or programmable timer.

LG LW6016R

This series of LG window air conditioners (in various sizes) lands at or near the top of every professional roundup we saw in 2016, and all agree that the LG LW6016R is the best choice for a small room. Experts say the 6,000 BTU LGW6016R does an excellent job of rapidly cooling up to 250 square feet and is quieter than most window AC units. Features include three cooling and fan speeds, a 24-hour programmable timer and a remote control.


The 8,000 BTU LG LW8015ER is another in this well-reviewed line up of LG window air conditioners, but this one is made for a mid-sized room — and might be a particularly good choice for a bedroom. In testing, it quickly and effectively cools rooms of up to 340 square feet. The LG LW8015ER has a decent set of convenience features, including an Energy Saver mode that helps keep utility bills low and a dedicated dehumidifying-only mode that’s great for cool, but clammy, weather.

SPT 8000 BTU

If you have a larger space that needs extra cooling power, this powerful model does the trick with ease. This high-end unit comes equipped with various settings that are easy to control, an LCD display that shows the temperature, and a remote control for convenience. It is easy to install, has multi-directional deflectors to make the most out of all of the cool airflow, and it is extremely efficient and inexpensive to operate, despite its larger size.

Most Romantic Bedroom Decorations For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love and those who are in love. It is a day to spend with your love and get more intimate moments with her/him. So. let’s prepare the home for unforgettable romantic moments with your love. Except you will surprise her/him with a Valentine’s present and Valentine’s card, let’s decorate your bedroom in a valentine’s spirit. It will make the atmosphere more romantic and intimate.                Bedroom Decorations For Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentine’s Day bedroom decorations are easy to make. There are some stuffs which are symbols of Valentine’s day, such as flowers, rose’s leafs, heart balloons or any other decoration in a shape of heart. And of course, you can make the night more romantic with a bottle of champagne just for two of you.

  • Lighting can be very effective to spice up the romance in both of you. Also, keep the lighting not so sparkling i.e. soft lightning should be the way.
  • Candles can evoke feelings of intimacy. They also let the stress run away and make your eyes focused on the pulchritude of your love and the candle light. Also, they give a romantic look to the room. Besides, they should be grouped together in many corners of the room for the best effect.
  • Make it a point to add dimmer switch to the lightning so that psychologically, you will be induced to romantic feelings.
  • Also, one should place mirrors in such a way that it will reflect the softened light. This will give more depth to your bedroom.
  • One should select such window curtains or dressings that are plush, alluring and dark so that it can curb lights from traffic or any sort of external noise from intervening in the romantic mood that is created.
  • Also, the window dressing, if matched with the bedding you choose will make a lot of difference to the whole look of the bed and the room, thus adding a buzz to the romantic appeal of the room.

Most Romantic Lighting Ideas For Outdoor Wedding

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The lighting in an outdoor wedding can not only form a functional aspect to the day but create a beautiful form of decoration. In the summer months it may not get dark till 10pm but as dusk falls it’s time to get out your tea lights, fairy lights whatever takes your fancy and add another level of atmosphere to your wedding. As a wedding planner, one fo my jobs is to light the tealights and make sure all the outdoor lighting is set up. It is important to balance out the functionality of the lighting with the prettiness aspect.

Outdoor wedding lights are essential especially if the wedding will take place at night. And celebrate the wedding night, you need a light to provide light and warmth to the environment. There are many things to think about: what lights to choose, where to place them, how to put The options are endless and we present some wedding lights decorations that are causing more feeling in the decoration of weddings.              Lighting Ideas For Outdoor Wedding

Bulbs lights

It is a very economical option. Light bulbs work well in combination with other warm lights and also are perfect for a touch industry and retro to the environment. The bulbs are also ideal for light express messages like “Love”. Choose the word you want. It will be a most romantic decoration for your wedding.

String Lights

The tulle and chandelier are the perfect settings for some string lights. They make the space look even more opulent and will light up the sky during the evening.

Paving lights

If your wedding is outdoors decorations or rustic country style, this kind of lights work well in your space, especially at the banquet given long rectangular tables. Place rows of lights above the tables and combine with centerpieces where you can also include a secondary light, and small candles to light the tables.

Candle Jars

Mason jars already became an ordinary thing at weddings. Contemporary couples like to decorate their weddings with mason jars. You may simply put the tea candles inside the mason jar and fasten it together with other jars. Candle jars look amazing both as centerpieces and as separate lights.

Lines Lights

The beauty of these lines of lights is unmatched. They line up perfectly with the middle of the tables to create a more elegant look without having to completely change out the whole room. This is a very simple approach that can make a huge impact.

Most Beautiful Baby Shower Party Decoration Ideas

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Baby is the most magnificent gift from God that anyone can get . We all love them very much , so in their hornor most mothers make baby shower parties to wish them welcome in their common home. If you are one of them , here are some creative ideas that can be usefull , so that you could set a beatifull baby shower party Decoration Ideas.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas You are probably busy in arranging clothes, preparing room and fixing other basic requirements for your soon-to-be-born sweet baby. At the same time, you are also anxious about which theme to choose for your baby shower. We present here a list of beautiful ideas for baby shower decorations to make the party more lively and interesting.  Baby Shower Party Decoration Ideas

Brunch Shower

What’s a more party-ready meal than brunch?! Serve up omelets, pancakes, French toast and bacon for guests to munch on while you treat yourself to your favorite brunch delights. Plus, how adorable are the mini milk and OJ jugs with striped straws.


Centerpiece is one of the most prominent decorative items that instantly draw everybody’s attention to it. Diaper cake serves as nice centerpiece for baby shower parties. Adorn the diaper cake with a soft plush toy, to complete the look.

Paper Puffs

Paper puffs are incredibly cheap and easy to make, and they make a huge visual impact when hung from the ceiling. You need scissors, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and fishing line that’s it!

Flower Theme

This is a simple but beautiful decoration idea for a baby shower; it is an ideal theme when you are expecting your baby in spring months. Get light colored flowers like tulips, buttercups, carnations and put them everywhere on the walls and in little vases as the table centerpiece. If you plan to feed your guests, then the platter, cups, saucers, etc. can have flower print on them. At the entrance of the venue, place a wheelbarrow where guests can keep their gifts.

Scented candles

Place cute candles in pink and blue around the room. Scented candles would be the best bet. However, ensure that the aroma of the candles is not too strong, because it may choke the expectant mother.