Fabulous Homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas

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If you’re looking for a unique decoration ideas for your holidays this year, take a look at these homemade Christmas decorations I have listed below. Most of these projects are simple to make, and can be completed with materials found in your home. I really hope you will find something useful that you could create to make your home a bit cozier and festive this Christmas.

Homemade Christmas decorations are not only a fun activity to do with the kids, but they make your home look cheerful for the season. We have pulled together some great recycled Christmas crafts and DIY Christmas crafts for you to try this season.                                                                                          Homemade Christmas decoration

Crystal Snowflakes

This fun Christmas craft looks great hanging in a window to reflect the light or on the tree as an ornament! To make, simply bend white pipe cleaner into the shape of a snowflake by twisting them together in the middle. Tie a string to one pipe cleaner and the other end to a pencil, so when the pencil is placed on a jar, the snowflake will hang in the jar.

Those Christmas Balls

If you have boxes and boxes of colorful glass Christmas balls (more than you could ever fit on a single tree), then you can use them in your decorating.Hang them from the ceiling. Put them in huge vases. Hang them off your porch. Decorate some small pine trees outside. These colorful shiny balls are so festive, and most people have plenty lying around.

Cranberry Garland

Cranberry garland is a wonderful way to make use of this abundant winter berry. It’s a gorgeous red color, and it’s often on sale during the winter holiday season.Simply buy whole berries and string them up with a needle and thread. You can drape the garland over mirrors, on your holiday tree, snake it around your table there are endless ideas for using this natural decoration.

Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Christmas ornaments are a great way to decorate your tree and make memories that will last for years to come! You can make recycled Christmas decorations easily by painting old, plain plastic ornaments with acrylic paint. Give the kids different colors to get creative with for a fun keepsake craft, or stick to colors like silver, gold, white, red, and green for a sophisticated, classic look.