Different Types of Sofa Sets for Living Room

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Get beautiful sofa sets for living room. Sofa sets are the centre of furniture arrangement in a living room. They define the very space. So, before buying one, decide on how you plan to use it.

We have all kinds of designs and styles of sofa sets for living and family room. The most luxurious sofas, lounges, couches, 2 Seater, 3 seater mid-century, modern, contemporary, or traditional made with white chenille, suede, tufted sofa fabrics. For a large family room or a small apartment style living room sofa.Designed by best of designers and manufactured and fabricated with utmost quality control. These timeless sofa sets designed will last for many years and create the comfortable living in your homes.                         Sofa Sets for Living Room

Armless Sofa sets

This sofa typically features a sleek and simple body style, sitting at a firm 90-degree angle, and lacks side support and armrests. An armless sofa is most often found in modern and contemporary designs and by those seeking simple furniture with a minimalist effect.

Lawson sofa sets

Lawson sofa sets are designed for comfort. They have a boxy look and are soft and cushy. The back cushions are not fixed into the frame. You can easily recognise a Lawson style sofa because of this signature design element.One can buy Lawson sofa sets in many sizes, colors and materials. They offer a perfect place to relax and unwind.

Wooden sofa sets

These are wooden sofa sets for living room, mostly found in Asian homes. They give a formal look to your living space. The cushions are not attached to the frame, they are detachable. Hence, are easy to clean.Wooden sofa sets have designs and carving on it. The artful design and wood vary from sofa to sofa.

Knole Sofa sets

This mid century sofa whose roots originate in England is classic at its best. This straight piece of furniture will encourage perfect posture as well as embellishments on the edges via chords or upholstery tacks. Bring back the prime British era with this piece and watch your living room design convert before you eyes.

Camel Back Sofa Sets

Camel back sofa sets look better in formal and traditional setting. It has a tight back and shallow seating. Camel back sofas have a curvilinear shape. The back is higher in the centre and descends towards the arms.

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