Most Romantic Lighting Ideas For Outdoor Wedding

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The lighting in an outdoor wedding can not only form a functional aspect to the day but create a beautiful form of decoration. In the summer months it may not get dark till 10pm but as dusk falls it’s time to get out your tea lights, fairy lights whatever takes your fancy and add another level of atmosphere to your wedding. As a wedding planner, one fo my jobs is to light the tealights and make sure all the outdoor lighting is set up. It is important to balance out the functionality of the lighting with the prettiness aspect.

Outdoor wedding lights are essential especially if the wedding will take place at night. And celebrate the wedding night, you need a light to provide light and warmth to the environment. There are many things to think about: what lights to choose, where to place them, how to put The options are endless and we present some wedding lights decorations that are causing more feeling in the decoration of weddings.              Lighting Ideas For Outdoor Wedding

Bulbs lights

It is a very economical option. Light bulbs work well in combination with other warm lights and also are perfect for a touch industry and retro to the environment. The bulbs are also ideal for light express messages like “Love”. Choose the word you want. It will be a most romantic decoration for your wedding.

String Lights

The tulle and chandelier are the perfect settings for some string lights. They make the space look even more opulent and will light up the sky during the evening.

Paving lights

If your wedding is outdoors decorations or rustic country style, this kind of lights work well in your space, especially at the banquet given long rectangular tables. Place rows of lights above the tables and combine with centerpieces where you can also include a secondary light, and small candles to light the tables.

Candle Jars

Mason jars already became an ordinary thing at weddings. Contemporary couples like to decorate their weddings with mason jars. You may simply put the tea candles inside the mason jar and fasten it together with other jars. Candle jars look amazing both as centerpieces and as separate lights.

Lines Lights

The beauty of these lines of lights is unmatched. They line up perfectly with the middle of the tables to create a more elegant look without having to completely change out the whole room. This is a very simple approach that can make a huge impact.

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