Most Beautiful Baby Shower Party Decoration Ideas

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Baby is the most magnificent gift from God that anyone can get . We all love them very much , so in their hornor most mothers make baby shower parties to wish them welcome in their common home. If you are one of them , here are some creative ideas that can be usefull , so that you could set a beatifull baby shower party Decoration Ideas.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas You are probably busy in arranging clothes, preparing room and fixing other basic requirements for your soon-to-be-born sweet baby. At the same time, you are also anxious about which theme to choose for your baby shower. We present here a list of beautiful ideas for baby shower decorations to make the party more lively and interesting.  Baby Shower Party Decoration Ideas

Brunch Shower

What’s a more party-ready meal than brunch?! Serve up omelets, pancakes, French toast and bacon for guests to munch on while you treat yourself to your favorite brunch delights. Plus, how adorable are the mini milk and OJ jugs with striped straws.


Centerpiece is one of the most prominent decorative items that instantly draw everybody’s attention to it. Diaper cake serves as nice centerpiece for baby shower parties. Adorn the diaper cake with a soft plush toy, to complete the look.

Paper Puffs

Paper puffs are incredibly cheap and easy to make, and they make a huge visual impact when hung from the ceiling. You need scissors, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and fishing line that’s it!

Flower Theme

This is a simple but beautiful decoration idea for a baby shower; it is an ideal theme when you are expecting your baby in spring months. Get light colored flowers like tulips, buttercups, carnations and put them everywhere on the walls and in little vases as the table centerpiece. If you plan to feed your guests, then the platter, cups, saucers, etc. can have flower print on them. At the entrance of the venue, place a wheelbarrow where guests can keep their gifts.

Scented candles

Place cute candles in pink and blue around the room. Scented candles would be the best bet. However, ensure that the aroma of the candles is not too strong, because it may choke the expectant mother.

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