Best Plantation Style Homes Design Ideas

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Plantation style house plans welcome visitors with soaring columned porches and galleries that may extend across the front or wrap around all four sides of the home. Tall French windows swing in to let breezes cool the interior, while wooden shutters filter the southern sunlight. Family-friendly Plantation floor plans bring a rich sense of regional history to country, suburban, and coastal neighborhoods.

Plantation style homes feature French colonial exterior architecture and classic home decorating ideas that were popular in the 1700s and 1800s. The plantation style homes have Greek style columns that surrounded open porches and balconies. Window shutters and French doors decorate house exterior and interior design creating spectacular plantation style homes.                                                                                                  Plantation Style Homes Design Ideas

Lights and lighting are important decorations for a plantation porch because the family spends a lot of quality time on the porch during the hot summer months. Panels that are part of a ceiling fan is ideal for planting porches to maintain comfort. Stylish lamps on the walls and lamps on side tables create a homely atmosphere. At night, thick candles that are placed in candlesticks or multiple tables can help repel insects .

A major contributor to the look of the house is the furniture. Plantation style interior decoration calls for specific type of furniture which gives that look to your house. Furniture made up of teak wood or any dark-colored wood can be used. Cane furniture is another option to give the plantation look to your home. Do not forget to place a large-sized chair in the corner of a room. It will add on to the beauty of your home. Dark wooden four poster bed can be a good choice in beds.

Colour your walls using tones of the earth, fine sand, ocean as well as skies. Light blue, mild eco-friendly, brown, beige and neutral shades like lotion as well as whitened can be used as wall color. Usage of soft colours will go nicely along with darkish furniture that is attribute to plantation style inside decoration.

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