Most Beautiful Homemade Christmas Decoration Ideas

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If you’re looking for a unique decoration ideas for your holidays this year, take a look at these homemade Christmas decorations I have listed below. Most of these projects are simple to make, and can be completed with materials found in your home.if you wish to bring uniqueness to your Christmas decorations, you should probably
go for homemade Christmas decorations. Handmade Christmas decorations are exceptionally beautiful and are also commercially available, however they are a bit expensive than the machine made decorations. Here are some ideas for homemade Christmas decorations to deck up your home.

Paper Plate Angels Some table decorations that are just a little bit extra crafty, try these paper plate angels from Martha Stewart. You’ll need some good cutting skills for this one but you’ll be amazed by what you can make from a paper plate.Inspired? What are you going to make this Christmas? Add your handmade Christmas decoration ideas in the comments below.                                                           Christmas Decoration Ideas

Colourful scented wreaths can be made using fruits and vegetables. Thread dried red chillies onto medium gauge wire and bend into a circle; twist the ends of the wire and top with ribbon. Bay leaves, cranberries and dried orange slices also look good threaded onto medium gauge wire and finished off with a brightlloured bow.

Christmas Tree This is a great idea for people who aren’t interested in buying a whole Christmas tree. Get a large roll of paper and stick a piece to a wall (the size of the paper will determine the size of your tree) then using a permanent marker, draw a tree.This is also a great idea for a Christmas party have all of your guests write their names or put handprints on the branches to record that they were there.

Christmas wreaths allow you a lot of scope for experimentation. There are number of ways to make Christmas wreaths. You can make the base of conifer leaves or green garlands and then add the decorations of your choice. You can make traditional wreaths by adding nuts, berries and fruits or you can make them from assortment of spices or even red or green chillies! If you want your wreaths to last forever, you can consider making them from dried leaves and flowers and then painting them in gold or silver.


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    […] use of this abundant winter berry. It’s a gorgeous red color, and it’s often on sale during the winter holiday season.Simply buy whole berries and string them up with a needle and thread. You can drape the garland […]

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