Basement Remodeling Ideas For House

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Basement adds value to the home by providing extra space. Many a times it has been seen that basement gets shredded due to water seepage, filling problems, etc. But if given a little attention, you can revamp your basement within days. Remodeling an austere basement into a modify living space requires some simple considerations. Before making any changes to the interiors, you must get all the problem areas repaired, including insulation, drywall, waterproofing etc.

Basement Remodeling Ideas For House
Basement Remodeling Ideas For House

These specific features vary but could include having dry wall put in, a drop ceiling (popular option for basements) or even entertainment features such as a wet bar. Certain ideas will likely provide the current needs for your family, whether it’s turning the basement into a bedroom or making it a family room. Many homeowners utilize basements for a place to socialize with family and friends but also to have a place they can go to enjoy quality alone time. Before long your basement will likely become the most preferred room in the house!

Finish the walls

Chances are your unfinished basement has unattractive gloomy walls that make it look like a secondary space. No matter how you slice it, walls made out of poured concrete or stacked concrete block just don’t look cozy. To turn this around, you need to cover up the concrete walls and there are a variety of materials you can choose from. You can consider using drywall, plywood, paneling, or paint over the concrete, depending on your budget and aesthetic preferences.

Don’t ignore the ceilings

To create the right ambiance, it is critical to finish the basement ceiling. Here are some things you can do. You may conceal the joists, pipes, and ductwork with drywall or paneling. Another option is to hide everything with a suspended or drop ceiling. Yet another choice you have is to leave the ceiling exposed and use a sprayer to paint it with a color of your choice.

Play Space for the kids

We’ve had many homeowners who envisioned their unfinished basement as a new space for their kids to play. All you need is comfortable seating and carpeting, finished (and likely) painted walls with their toys and cherished items neatly organized throughout the space. You can alter how you design each part of the room based on the ages of your children, or if you babysit a lot this would be a fun and useful way to take advantage of that extra room.

Lighting plays an important role

basement-lighting-ideas By their nature, basements tend to be dark, poorly-lit spaces, so carefully choosing and positing lighting is an essential element of successful basement remodeling. By far, the best lighting choice for basements is recessed lighting, as you do not want any light fixtures to hang from the ceiling and make it feel even lower than it already is. Another great idea is add accent lighting to the bookshelves and any artwork you have, which makes it more functional and also highlights your family’s precious collections.

Play around with colors

installing a stage in a basement The colors that you choose for your walls, ceiling and trim will make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of your basement. One creative way to make the space feel cozy and visually appealing is to paint the ceiling and walls the same color, which will result in an enveloping feel. If you are looking to turn your basement into a home theater, consider painting the walls and ceiling black, it creates a stunning visual effect of expanding the space and making it look like there is no ceiling when you and your family and watching movies together. On the other hand, if you want to create a sense of height, it is best to go for light colors both for the ceilings and floors. When it comes to trims, it is best to use the same trim as you have in your house, to create a consistent look.


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