Best Food For Dogs With A Sensitive Stomach

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Choosing the best dog food for sensitive stomachs requires a bit of patience and research. You have to determine what causes the stomach upset and eliminate any other medical conditions. That said, a sensitive stomach in dogs isn’t uncommon, and there is a lot of information available about this condition.

Sensitive Stomach Signs

If your pet dog has one or more of the following symptoms then it almost certainly is struggling with either a sensitive stomach or from the digestive disorder:

Hypoallergenic Dog Food
Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Occasional vomiting
Occasional loose stools
A unique amount of flatulence

Some dogs cannot have the ability to process a lot of variety in their daily menu or handle the types of ingredients that force their guts to operate harder than usual. The same is true for people, as there are some who can wolf on the most spicy, bulked-out foods full of chillies, onions and cheese that will make others vomit.

Try Different Foods

If your sensitive stomach is suspected to be the cause of a pet dog’s digestive or any other problems, changing its diet to a new regime that meets most of the above criteria could work wonders for its quality of life. At the same time, the animal will need to be receiving the right intake of nutritional elements appropriate for its breed, age and general condition.

Wherever this diet is changed, this should be introduced gradually instead of overnight to avoid too much trauma, which would introduce its own problems making the matter worse. Anything up to and including week can be taken for that transition period, gradually mixing in bigger and bigger amounts of the new type of food from eBay because the older one is slowly withdrawn.

Homemade Food

Home cooked dog food is always the best choice for dogs with sensitive stomach. You can always cook some easy homemade holistic dog food for them. While maintaining the regular pet food formula of 40% meat + 50% vegetables + 10% carbohydrates, you have to balance all the vital vitamins and minerals in the dog food, along with protein, carbohydrates, fats, phosphorous and probiotics. You might treat your dog to turkey or tuna every now and then (once a week). Tuna oil is great for your pet’s coat. Also, keep the dog hydrated. See that it drinks ample water. Homemade meals are the best for your dog, and therefore should be your first choice. In the event you find difficulty in finding the best food for your dog, seek the aid of a veterinarian, rather than trying to find remedies on your own.

Commercial Dog Food Brands

Many popular dog food brands contain chemicals and ingredients that may be too harsh for any dog with a sensitive stomach, because they may contain a lot of sweeteners, food dyes and flavourings. They might also contain difficult to digest products for example corn, chicken by products, wheat bran and corn syrup. These products have very little nutritional value. Foods which are easily digestible are produce for example oatmeal, chicken rice and sweet potato.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Hypoallergenic dog food is great for sensitive stomachs because they contain natural ingredients, you should select a well know brand of hypoallergenic dry pet food, preferably one that is available at the local Vets or one that has received good reviews form owners. Once you have chosen your food you should gradually wean your pet off the commercial brand, this can be done by gradually adding a tiny bit of the dry hypoallergenic foods for their usual source of food daily, using this method there is no drastic change in the dog’s diet. Drastic changes could be too harsh for your dog and may potentially make them poorly, so taking small steps is paramount. After a week of which means you should notice the change in your dog’s behaviour and their disposition, sometimes dogs could be fed on a diet that doesn’t match up with their lifestyle, there are wonderful benefits of matching your dogs dietary requirements using their breed, activity level and age.


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