Tip For Cleaning Your Washing Machine

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Washing machines are often neglected when cleaning; with some simple cleaning tips, your washing machine will be sparkling. With all the housecleaning chores we all do, one that most people neglect may be the washing machine. The washing machine can be used to help with our chores, to work as a sort of mechanical servant for all of us while we do other things, consider it does the cleaning, we rarely view it as something that needs to be cleaned. Yet we scrub our bathtubs, showers and sinks: all places restricted to cleaning. It makes sense that a place used for cleaning will get soiled using the dirt left behind from the objects (or people) that are now clean. If we leave behind dirt, grime and soap scum within our bathtubs, it logically follows the same would be true in our washing machines.

Not only do our clothes get dirty, but they are full of body oils and dead skin. We don’t notice this stuff as most washing machines are dark so we simply drop the clothes in dirty and pull them out clean. But when we actually stepped into our washing machines as we do our showers, we may be shocked at what we find.

Tip For Cleaning Your Washing Machine
Tip For Cleaning Your Washing Machine

Washing machine cleaning tips

Clean the detergent drawer

The detergent drawer is really a haven for germs, encrusted washing powder and mould. If possible, remove the entire drawer and hang to work with an old toothbrush. An ordinary domestic cleaner is fine.

Unblock the filter

The filter is another place where germs collect as it is warm and humid. Empty it regularly and remove fluff and dirt which has gathered inside.

Clean the drum

Even if the inside of your washing machine looks sparkling clean, it’s probably not. There are lots of cracks and holes where germs can fester. The best move to make is run an empty wash every couple of months.

Use soda crystals or even dishwasher tablets and run on a hot wash (preferably 60 degrees). This will kill germs, remove odours and prevent soap scum and limescale building up.

Prevent odors

Leave the washing machine door open slightly after washes to allow air to circulate around the drum – this will help stop germs breeding.

Use the right detergent

Use powder instead of liquid. Extra suds and liquid softeners have been linked to residue in the machine that may contribute to bad smells and mould.


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