Tips to Preparing for Meditation

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There are only two difficulties on the way of meditation. One is the ego and also the second is the constantly chattering mind. Alternate nostril breathing (nadi shodhana pranayama) is regarded as essential in preparing the body and mind for meditation. The alternating of nostrils while breathing enables purification of the nadis (ida and pingala primarily) so prana can flow freely with the body. The ability to direct the flow of prana is really a fundamental outcome of the yoga practice. Without developing this ability, the benefits of yoga remain much like any other form of physical or mental exercise.

Preparing The Mind for Meditation
Preparing The Mind for Meditation

Practicing this breathing exercise won’t prepare you for meditation, it will bring clarity, balance and quietness to the mind and emotions. It could also be referred to as sun and moon breath or cooling and heating breath because of the internal effects it’s on the body and mental activity. For instance, during the heating or sun (right nostril) cycle you can experience an increase in the body temperature as well as on the cooling or moon (left nostril) cycle your body cools and mental activity decelerates.

Tips to preparing for meditation

  • Do some physical stretches because this will help relax your body before meditating. Yoga is a great stretching exercise that also helps increase your flexibility.
  • Look for a quiet area in your house in which you will not be interrupted by people or electronics. Do switch off your mobile phone. This is because during meditation, the body can get very relaxed as well as trance-like. Any sudden loud noises can startle you which ones is not good for the mind and body.
  • Put aside a consistent time for meditation. For example, always meditate at some point for a certain duration (a suggested length is 30 minutes, or Ten minutes if you are starting out). This discipline is essential when you are just starting with meditation, as the routineness of it can make it a daily way of life.
  • Result in the physical environment conducive. If you’re meditating during the day hours, pull the colour tone down as darkness will help you better reach that stage of meditation that connects you to definitely higher levels of consciousness. Turn airconditioning right down to a comfortable temperature, or generate a shawl or blanket to help keep you warm. Chattering teeth can stop you from effective meditation as you will be more centered on your physical discomfort instead of your mind. Dress comfortably for the similar reason. Relaxing music, waterfall sounds and burning of essential oils might help enhance relaxation and improve meditation.
  • Take a seat on a mat with your legs crossed or take a seat on a chair if you have back, knee and ankle problems making yourself comfortable. Being comfortable is essential for meditation. Close your eyes and relax all of your muscles.
  • Start on a meditation exercise. Browse the write-up on Meditation Exercises to Try for some exercises to test.
  • If you start to get distracted in the noise in your head, concentrate on your breathing or repeat a mantra. Some find bells, singing bowls, prayer beads useful tools for focusing. For novices, while it may seem easier to meditate with eyes closed, it is best to do so with your eyes open. Closed eyes encourage thoughts, daydreaming and distraction, or you will get too comfortable and go to sleep.

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