kitchen Backsplash Ideas For Your Kitchen

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Kitchen is the place where mommies spend a considerable amount of their time. It is very necessary for the room to have a fresh and refreshing look. Otherwise, the drab look of the kitchen will only add to the fatigue that results from working there. One of the best methods to brighten up the kitchen is by designing a tile backsplash. It will not only make the kitchen look good, but also protect the wall surface in the splatter of day-to-day cooking. In this article, we have provided a number of ideas and tips for designing a kitchen tile backsplash.

Ideas for Designing a Tile Backsplash

Subway Tile Style

Subway Tile is really a classic, yet simplistic Ceramic Tile that works in just about every style of home. Whether you have a farm house, or reside in the big city, Subway Tile comes in many different color glazes, as well as shiny and matte options. We recommend shiny glazes inside your kitchen for easy maintenance, but sometimes that matte finish looks amazing within the right color for a contemporary look. You may also create many different patterns with Subway Tile such as the classic offset, install them within the Herringbone pattern, or soldier stack them vertically for any more modern effect.

Glass Mosaics

Glass Mosaics will always be a glimmering choice, and look amazing on one entire wall inside your kitchen! Our Groovy Stixx are a contemporary selection, as well as look especially cool when put into a larger format glass installation. Whether you combine this Glass Mosaic with another format, or go up the wall, the added effect may be the shimmer you will achieve with lighting. Under cabinet lighting is great way to achieve a little glimmer and ambiance.

Large Format Glass

Large Format Glass Backsplashes look flawless and create the illusion of a solid surface. If you like the idea of bringing your countertop as your backsplash, but not fond of the variation of stone or some quartz materals, then you will enjoy the solid and contemporary look of Large Format Glass. Not only may be the larger glass more reflective, it makes an almost seamless and sleek appearance.

Mixed Medium

No we aren’t talking about Mediums who speak to the dead, but we are talking about mixing up your materials! Our Odyssey Collection offers Mosaics that combine Stone, Glass, and Stainless Steel. These beautiful designs can take on any classic or contemporary design, adding elegance and appeal to your space. You can opt for a mixed medium Mosaic already created, or make your own by adding sparkle having a Stainless Steel Mosaic and Large Format Stone tiles such as this Kitchen Backsplash.

Artisan Tile

If you are looking for wall art, and never shy of color or pattern, then you’ll drool over some of these handmade Artisan Tiles. Our Kibak Collection offers patterns which are Moroccan, Spanish Traditional to Modern and Contemporary designs.


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