How To Selecting Living Room Curtains

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Choosing living room curtains, drape, soft furnishings and window treatments can provide a new look to your living room. A suitable curtain design for the living room depends on your Decor and color theme, your budget and your size and shape of the living room and it is windows and doors. If you have a certain curtain design in your mind, choose your material carefully as all fabrics and patterns do not go well with all curtain designs. An overhanging layered curtain will need to use a different fabric and material than the usual pleated simple curtain design. The windows and doors of the living room that open outside on the highway or garden and have the possibility of public seeing your curtains from outside should use double-sided curtains, so that there isn’t any wrong side to your window and door treatments and your curtain looks equally good from inside and outside.

To see whether the drape you chose really goes well together with your living room decoration theme or not and how does it look at different times of your day, take a small piece of fabric and attach it to the place where you want to hang the curtain. This will help you to determine the look of the living room curtain with respect to the amount of sunlight and other lightings at different times of your day and how well it goes with your Decor. Most people ignore lining the curtains because of time and money constraints but lining the curtain, not just increases the life of the curtain and protects its colors and fabric externally weather conditions but also improves the drape of the curtain and enhance the insulation property of the curtain of keeping the cooling or even the warmth of the room inside it.

Choosing Curtains for the Living Room

Note the Curtain Spots

Pick the spots of your living room where you feel curtains can enhance its beauty further. When you freeze the space, decide on the dimensions of curtain panels to shop the precise model for the place.

Freeze the Curtain Style

Plenty of curtain styles can be found in the market and you can choose the curtain style which will suit your living room. There are varied options which include pinch pleat curtains, tab top curtains and grommet top styles.

Special care for Window Curtains

Additional care is needed when you plan for your window curtains as windows would be the spots that are mostly the centres of attraction of any living room. In line with the type of the windows, choose your curtains.

Material of the material

When you look into many of the curtain designs, you should not get carried away just by the beauty of the curtains. Apart from beauty, it’s important to double-check the material of fabric. All fabrics may not suit your living room. Beware!

Cast the result of Your Choice

If you wish your living room to become formal, you can go for simple curtains. For those who like it to be contemporary and casual, you have to opt for floating curtains that will cast softness in your living room.


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