How To Clean Outdoor Furniture

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Regular cleaning and maintenance keep outdoor furniture looking its best. As outdoor furniture and outdoor accessories can be found in a variety of materials, each may need a different method for its care.

Basic cleaning

How To Clean Your Outdoor Furniture
How To Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

For any cleaning solution that will focus on any material, mix a quarter-cup of clear dish washing liquid intended for hand washing, such as Dawn, inside a gallon of water. In general, warm water dislodges grime much better than cold water. But don’t get it hot when you’re cleaning outdoor furniture, especially slings and cushions.


You may be tempted to pressure-wash furniture for a deep clean, however, you shouldn’t. It’s too harsh on the wood. An answer of oxygen bleach and water applied having a soft-bristled brush is the best bet to clean most woods (but not redwood). Consider sanding and resealing the wood when the piece is fully dried for additional protection against the elements.


Remove dirt from metal furniture using the hard-spray setting on your hose. Make a solution of water and car-washing detergent, and scrub the piece having a soft-bristled scrub brush. Rinse with clean water after scrubbing. Aluminum and chrome generally don’t require a topcoat, but cast iron or other enameled metals can usually benefit from a very thin layer of auto wax applied having a soft, lint-free cloth.


Begin by brushing off dirt having a dry, soft-bristled brush or broom (you may also want to break out a vacuum cleaner having a brush attachment to get into all of the nooks and crannies). Next, make use of a mild solution of dishwashing liquid and water to carefully scrub the piece having a soft-bristled brush or a sponge. Rinse using very little water as possible to remove the soap (a sponge drizzled with fresh water will work). Dry having a soft cloth so the wicker won’t take in the excess water.


Regular dusting ought to keep bamboo and rattan porch furniture clean. In case your pieces are looking extra-dirty, you can clean all of them with a sponge and a very mild solution of water and dishwashing liquid. Wring the sponge after dipping it within the solution, so you’re using a minimal amount of water around the bamboo. Dry with a clean, soft cloth.


Be cautious when cleaning plastic and vinyl furniture: Harsh detergents can dull the top of some materials. Instead, use a solution of water along with a mild dishwashing detergent, along with a sponge or a soft-bristled scrub brush. Washing the piece with ammonia may help with stubborn mildew stains


When the canvas is removable, throw it within the washing machine with detergent and cold water. Either air-dry the canvas or tumble it on the low setting until it’s damp to touch but not sopping wet; put the cloth pieces back around the furniture while they’re still damp. When the canvas isn’t removable, use a soft-bristled brush to wash the canvas with a solution of water and some drops of laundry detergent; rinse with plain water and let dry.


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