Helpful Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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Remodeling your bathroom is a tedious task that requires pre planning and setting of goals from the start. It is important that you know your direction by setting up goals that you want to achieve in the renovation efforts. Remodeling can be achieved by simply updating your bathroom or a total makeover which requires much work. You should talk to the family about the bathroom remodeling as this requires a considerable amount of money along with a unified effort to make the project a successful one.You have to determine you want to widen the bathroom area and also the additional bathroom furniture and furnishings.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom wall remodeling

Bathroom wall is the most important part in the bathroom which is often touched by water and soap. To create this part always clean, attempt to replace painted wall into ceramic tiles around the entire wall or a half part of the wall. It is because ceramic tiles are easy to be cleaned only by brushing it with little liquid cleaner, the dirty spot will disappear.

For ceramic tiles color, it’s depending on your new remodeled bathroom design. It is better to choose neutral color such as white for smaller space of bathroom.

Try to not apply wallpaper with many small motifs especially wallpaper with assorted colors joined together, this wallpaper surely can make your bathroom look crowded even worse. It is better to not apply any wallpaper within the bathroom.

If you want to apply wallpaper, choose soft color with maximum two color composition around the motif. Then apply it around the upper part on the wall for instance a quarter part near ceiling. Apply it on a side of wall could be perfect.

Wood or molding wall can also be recommended to be applied on a part of bathroom wall.

Bathtub/shower remodeling

Actually the old bathtub and shower are still can be used. White color bathtub or stainless steel shower would be suitable with assorted colors so don’t throw them away; reapply them in your new remodeled bathroom.

Shower are commonly features its own space for some larger bathroom. If you want to remodel it, simply alter the appearance around it for example: wall, floor, ceiling, shower curtain, or replace the glass wall with new style glass wall.


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