Interior Design Strategies for Spanish Style Houses

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Beautiful, bold and vibrant would be the words that best describe a Spanish-style decorated home. Though Spanish interior designs are largely affected by some of its Mediterranean neighbors, for example styles used in the French Country, Tuscan and Moroccan regions, Spain features its own unique home interior design which involves use of terracotta tiles, stone and ceramics. If you’re planning to create a wonderful, colorful statement inside your interiors then Spanish style is exactly what you are looking for. So what are you awaiting? Get the feel of a relaxed sunny siesta, colorful fiesta as well as an old-fashioned, solid sense of belongingness by going through the lines below. Built-in wall benches, free-standing cabinets and bell-shaped corner fireplaces are the main elements of a Spanish home. Ensure that you pick one of these. Find some exclusive interior planning ideas for your Spanish-style home in the following paragraphs.
Spanish Home Decorating IdeasFloorsIt is advisable to go for hardwood flooring rather than carpet, to create precise Spanish home interiors. Pair your vibrant walls with brownish hardwoods. You can also choose from terracotta tiles and ceramic tiles. Complete your warm Spanish environment with the addition of a rug in ethnic or rustic style.


While choosing furniture for the traditional Spanish home, ensure that you do not compromise on the quality. Since simplicity and uncluttered suits a Spanish look, choose wisely what furniture you have to add on. Best, go for dark woods in distressed or worn-out finish. Wrought iron furniture with decorative features can be viewed as in case you wish to give your abode a stylish and ornate look. Provide a love seat or chair in leather in the corner as an accent piece, while for cushions, earthen colors are the most useful buy. For the upholstery, use shades of green and blue.


Begin with a textured base around the walls to get a genuine and authentic Spanish look. Choose a textured paint, such as suede effect paint, a stucco style plaster or perhaps a color wash. For a better color wash, check out a lighter shade for that base, finishing off with a heavier shade in irregular strokes. Vibrant, rustic colors like red, orange, tan, yellow, pink, blue, green brown are the traditional Spanish colors that may be employed.


Wrought iron is without a doubt the best material pick for the Spanish home accessories. From chandeliers to wall lights to walls cones to candlesticks, wrought iron imparts a vintage look and adds to the elegance. Create more sophistication by complementing the bold palettes with black furniture. Though curtains aren’t for a Spanish home, you are able to privatize your space with brightly colored window shutters or wooded Venetian blinds. Religious paintings, statues and wall hangings creatively increase the ambiance of the décor. Try keeping the accessories towards the minimum. Adding a few urns, vases, planters and pots inside a corner or two may bring out greenery within your home, without making the area look cluttered. Fill up brightly painted bowls with faux fruits and vegetables and place them on the center table or side boards.


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