Meals to Eat for Weight Loss

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Chances are your schedule has already been so loaded that you wince at the thought of trying to add another item. Using a set meal plan, however, makes it easier to lose or maintain weight. There’s you don’t need to set an alarm, though: Take a look at these easy-to-follow eating menus to obtain the one that works best for your goals, lifestyle, and food preferences.

Meals to Eat for Weight Loss
Meals to Eat for Weight Loss


Possess a sandwich or a salad. Choose any lean meat, pair it with a few mixed greens and veggies and accompany it with wholegrain bread or crackers. Limit your meat to 3 oz. (each slice is all about an ounce) and pile on the veggies. Begin with a nutritious leafy green like romaine or escarole lettuce or spinach, and add tomatoes, onions, green peppers, avocado–whatever you like, the more colors the better. Should you hit all the colors within the vegetable spectrum–red, yellow, orange, green as well as purple (eggplant)–you’ll get maximum nutrition, great fiber, lots of food and few calories. Possess some vegetable soup on the side. Actually, have some homemade vegetable soup if you get hungry. It’s filling, low-fat and low calorie.


Make it simple. Broil, grill, bake or pan-fry some type of lean protein with as little added fat as possible. If you need oil, use spray essential olive oil, or just a tsp. of essential olive oil spread in the pan. Eat fish two times a week, pork or chicken 2 or 3 times a week, lean beef a maximum of twice a week and have a meatless dinner, like vegetable lasagna (use wholegrain pasta) or beans and rice, a couple of times a week. Fill your dinner plate with ½ vegetables, ¼ starch (like rice or potatoes) and ¼ protein. Skip the rolls.


Have 2 or 3 healthy snacks every day at the times you realize you’ll be hungry. Eat low-fat, low-sugar yogurt combined with fruit, a low-calorie high fiber snack bar, vegetable soup, a fruit salad along with a handful of nuts, a low-fat protein shake, veggies with low-carb dip or perhaps a little string cheese as well as an apple.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid over-processed carbohydrates like sugar, white bread and white rice. Fried foods consist of saturated fats that will sink your diet, so do not eat them. The watchwords of weight loss are lots of fruits and vegetables, liver organ, whole grains, pulses, nuts and legumes.

Slimming down is only as hard while you make it. Eat as much as you would like, just change what you eat. Keeping lots of vegetables and fruits available makes it easier to make the right choices, even if you’re hungry. This diet is all about 1400 to 1600 calories and is heart-healthy. Stay with these general guidelines and obtain ½ hour of exercise at least three times per week, and you will not only lose weight, you are likely to avoid four of the very best five causes of death.


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