Victorian Home Interior Design

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Victorian home interior can evoke the romantic style should you focus the decoration on the soft pattern, color, and shape. Victorian home is still popular even though it is regarded as one of the best traditional styles.

This can be a style which is well understood by ladies and it is they who result in the room look luxurious and classy. There is also a number of handmade things like paintings, needle work, designing knick knacks etc.

Victorian Home Interior Design
Victorian Home Interior Design

Victorian Styled Home Décor


In Victorian times, the floors were created of wood and were engrossed in rich carpets. Try to produce a similar look. You can use marble, tiles, bricks or wood for kitchens. For the rest of the home, even if you do not have wooden floors, you should use carpets with rich floral designs allow it a Victorian design.


Buy furniture which was similar to the Victorian era in order to get that authentic look. The furniture of that point was made of oak, teak, mahogany, and rosewood, among other exotic choices. These were beautifully carved or made of wicker. The normal Victorian era house was filled with furniture. While it may be difficult for you to definitely manage such a house, you are able to tastefully choose the right furniture to give your home an authentic Victorian look.


The very first thing you need to consider when being careful of interiors is the walls. Remember that the walls in the Victorian times were never painted see how to avoid or pastel colors, but were bright and vibrant colors for example ruby, emerald green, and sapphire. Use different colors on different walls and light shades only within the kitchen and hallway.


Patterned wallpapers were popular in the Victorian era. These included patterns of birds, butterflies, flowers, leaving. Bigger patterns will look good in larger houses and smaller patters will appear better if you live in an apartment or smaller house. One more thing that was common in wallpapers of the Victorian times was that different patterns were sometimes used on the borders. You are able to experiment with this too.

Window Treatments

The windows are decorated inside a unique style such that layers of fabric constructed along with the hardware rows. The hardware consists of finials in addition to rods which are fixed through shafts. Sheers are mixed along with cotton panels or even linen panels are a great option. The sheer are around three times wide so that it provides a better pleating. Another thing which you can do would be to fold them up to add fringes in order that it gives a fluffy look. This system is good for summers but when you are looking at winters you can include heavy fabric to safeguard you from the cold weather. The draperies your choice can be either wooden or produced from gold. The decoration of windows gets completed only if trimmed valance and other things are put into it to increase its beauty.


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