Drug Abuse Among Teenagers

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The problem with identifying drug abuse among teenagers would be that the common symptoms of drug abuse that most individuals are aware of are the norm for teen behavior. One other issue is that this is something no parent desires to see in their teen. Besides the general moodiness and secretive nature of most teens, there are more symptoms you should keep a watchful eye out for to be able to identify signs that your teen may, actually, be abusing drugs.

Exactly why is teen drug abuse popular?

Drug Abuse Among Teenagers
Drug Abuse Among Teenagers

Most teens feel invincible, that’s a challenge to disrupting drug abuse. Many teens think using recreational drugs is harmless and may cause no lasting damage. Many teens use drugs to feel more in-control of their lives and adult-like. Other teens like the strange sensations that drug abuse produces. Many teens cave to determine pressure even if they would not need used drugs while alone.

Every Teen Experiments with Drugs

While it’s true that there is a dismayingly high rate of drug abuse among teens, that does not imply that every teen has used or uses drugs. There is an idea that the utilization of drugs is a rite of passage, something which every teen must undergo in order to become an adult. When a teen does test out drugs, that experimentation can result in negative consequences, such as automobile accidents, unsafe sexual activity, and even overdose. Many parents believe that their teen is “experimenting” and it has been for months or years. The experimenting was through following the first high. After that, these were regularly using drugs and teen drug rehabilitation might be necessary.

It’s Just a Phase

In offering rehab for teens, we hear that one all the time. But drug use in teens isn’t a phase. Once drug use starts, addiction sometimes happens quickly or slowly, however it will happen if drug use continues. A phase signifies that every teen goes through it which has an end.

It’s Only Marijuana

Marijuana is viewed as harmless by those who declare that it is not an addictive substance. This just isn’t true. If you have a child who’s using marijuana, then you need to keep yourself informed that this is a substance that may be psychologically and physically addictive. If you smoked marijuana whenever you were young, remember that in those days it had a far lower amount of caffeine THC that causes intoxication. In the 1960s there is 0.5% THC and these days there is 10%. It can also be argued by many that marijuana affects the mind more than other drugs do.

As a parent you must be sensible about drug abuse. It is bad, no matter how you look at it. You cannot assume your child will grow out of it or the phase will end. If you suspect drug abuse, then you need to try and get control of the problem and take the appropriate action to obtain help for your teen if assistance is required.


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