Best Meditation Techniques for Sleeping

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The Meditation is the way we interact with our personal energy and the environment, you will find people who like to meditate to mirror on his life, apart from just meditate to relax your brain, there are those who meditate to go to faraway places with thought, for every of these objectives are different meditation techniques, some much better than others.

Meditate to relax:

Meditation Techniques for Sleeping
Meditation Techniques for Sleeping

This method of meditation brings great benefits for the body and soul; helps improve mental health and relationship using the world around us.

The best meditation techniques to unwind are the greatest pleasure that people provide, but what you seek will be in a quiet and peaceful environment, in which the aromas and light remain constant.

The bottom line is to feel comfortable, then look for the sunshine color that you like depending on your mood, the smell that accompanies when you want something light and instrumental music at low volume. It’s also wise to find a position, either sitting or laying to let you keep it without changing it not less than 15-30 minutes.

Using meditation to enhance or induce restful sleep simply needs a state of deep relaxation. Meditation techniques that cultivate mindfulness are specifically effective to reduce the stress, anxiety and restlessness that prohibits sleep. Mindfulness may be the quality of being fully involved in the present moment without judging or assessing what’s happening. Project Meditation notes that lower levels of serotonin are associated with insomnia which levels of serotonin may be increased with meditation leading to deep relaxation.


There are many guided meditations on the market made to guide you through relaxing visualizations. These meditations are suggestive and have interaction your mind and body into a state of deep and finish relaxation. When the mind enters this state and releases incessant thinking, sleep naturally follows effortlessly. When choosing a guided meditation, make sure that it is specifically intended to induce sleep. The utilization of natural imagery such as waterfalls and ocean surf is particularly effective.


Like the folk remedy of counting sheep, breathing meditation requires such focus and concentration out of your mind that it becomes exhausted not to mention falls into a sleeping pattern. Laying is a popular way to meditate which increases the lure into sleep. Begin lying in bed and your awareness focused on the sensation of the breath in your abdomen. Take notice of the rise and fall of your belly. Most suggest that you keep your attention in your abdomen as opposed to your chest, throat, etc. This is actually the most soothing area to focus upon your breathing.

Give more focus on your exhalation rather than your inhalation and start to count during each exhalation. The exhale is considered to be more relaxing compared to inhale. Continue counting the exhalations before you fall asleep.


This method is basically a self-body scan that’s much simpler than it sounds. Begin laying comfortably. Begin at your feet, then squeeze the muscles whenever possible for 10 counts and fully release them. Then, for 10 counts, take notice of the way that region of your body feels without labeling the sensation. Proceed upward to your calves and repeat exactly the same exercise for every muscle group until you’ve reached your face. This techniques actively cultivates mindfulness by bringing your awareness towards the places where tension is locked in your body.


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