Diwali Festival In India- History and Celebration

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India is the ‘land of festivals’. Here, all festivals features its own significance behind the celebration. And Diwali, ‘the festival of lights’ is really a national festival celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Whole India participates candidly within this Festival though the way of celebrating Diwali differs state-wise based on the culture and traditions of this particular state.

People of age groups participate in this festival with gaiety and fervor. If you’re wondering as to when is Diwali this

Diwali Festival In India- History and Celebration
Diwali Festival In India- History and Celebration

year, note that Diwali 2012 is on 13th Nov. 2012. Diwali may be the celebration of illuminating one’s own soul using the light of hope and positive energy. Lighting earthen lamps, the primary traditional ritual of Diwali, signifies the victory of excellent over the evil within oneself. This special festival is created even more auspicious with the exchange of gifts.


According to Hindu mythology, there is certainly a renowned tale that prevails behind the celebration of Diwali in the epic, Ramayana. It is actually believed that Diwali was celebrated through the individuals of Ayodhya from the day King Rama returned together with his wife Sita following a 14 year extended exile, defeating the demon king of Lanka, Ravan. The folks today of King Rama’s kingdom lit rows of lamps around the far flung boundaries of Ayodhya to welcome all of them with all their really like, respect and affect.


Throughout Diwali, every thing else in India is delivered to a pause and only household gatherings and feasts have emerged all about. It is actually a time of enjoyable and togetherness.

Houses are decorated with earthen lamps and wonderful, colorful rangolis. Folks acquire new crisp clothes to put on for all of the rituals. During the night the sky shines like a diamond while using majority of the population indulging into fireworks and bursting of crackers. Family members feasts are organized and buddies and relatives exchange gifts and sweets. It’s really a time to forget all grudges and celebrate enjoy together.

Diwali Festival in India

“Diwali” festival of lights, illuminates the dark from the moon New Year and strengthens our close friendships and knowledge with self-realization!

Diwali is celebrated nationally on Amavasya – the 15th day’s dark fortnight of the Hindu month of Ashwin (October / November) every year.

It symbolizes the ancient culture asia which teaches to overcome the ignorance that dominates humanity and also to drive a way the darkness that surrounds the sunshine of information. Diwali, the festival of lights even to-day within this contemporary globe projects the wealthy a

Each year, the dark nights of Diwali the noise of firecrackers announces the celebration of the preferred holiday from the Indians. The houses are decorated, sweets are distributed worldwide and a large number of lights are lit to generate a fantasy globe. More Read


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