World’s Romantic & Honeymoon Cruises

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The easiest way to island hop or to explore Europe on a budget is to take a romantic honeymoon cruise. Like most all-inclusive vacations, a cruise will often save you money on things like accommodations, activities, and dining. Before you and your fiancé take the plunge and book the trip, you might want to consider these cool cruises.

Romantic Honeymoon Cruises

World’s Romantic & Honeymoon Cruises
World’s Romantic & Honeymoon Cruises

Paris Cruises

Paris is an exotic location to explore the beauty of river Seine on a private luxury boat with your beloved romantic partner. Perhaps your idea of fun may mean you’re looking for any quiet mid-day, a glass with champagne in hands, floating below past the romantic storied streams. Or you may wish to enjoy delicious cuisine on board of the cruise. They are ideal locations to throw & enjoy the birth day parties or celebrate the anniversaries or any other theme party.

Crystal Serenity

The Crystal Serenity is a small but luxurious ship that boasts swimming pools, a big screen theater, a casino, a spa, a European-style café, and more. This fabulous little cruise also takes you to many fun destinations like Miami, Rio de Janiero, Sydney, New York, or anywhere your heart desires. These cruises are ideal for those who want to unparalleled luxury without crowds. Check out the official website, Crystal Cruises, for more information.

Any of the ships from Holland America

Experience pure luxury on any one of the European-style Holland America cruise ships. These ships feature fine dining, culinary classes, digital design workshops, spa treatments, art galleries, and much more. Choosing the right ship all depends on what you want. Like most cruise lines, Holland America offers a world of possibilities like Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, South America, and more. You can find out more on their official website.

Seabourn Odyssey

This lovely cruise ship features a handful of elegant restaurants, a sky bar that overlooks the patio pool, a spa, a casino, and so much more. This cruise also has a wide array of luxurious suites to choose from, including the Wintergarden Suite which includes plush amenities, upscale furnishings, whirlpool tub in the bathroom, and a solarium with day bed and tub. Like the two previously mentioned cruises, Seabourn Odyssey also takes you just about anywhere you’d like to go. Plan your trip here.

Get smitten by the beauty of Tahiti

Tahiti and romance are two words which go really well with each other and the John Guaguin Cruise is one which has a 7-day opportunity to make the most of all that Tahiti provides. People love the actual ship with regard to accommodations such as its personal balconies and full-sized bath rooms. People love Tahiti since you can go scuba diving in its Azure Lagoons, visit among its gem farms or even watch a geniune Polynesian dancing show.

Head for Alaska

It is the place which looks like a heaven for cruising. The cruises are absolutely the best. The Norwegian Cruise lines are a long-time preferred that has a 9-day journey leaving from Seattle which docks in Juneau, Vancouver and Victoria, a town that is noted for its stunning fountains as well as flowers.


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