Wached Our First Movie With Spry Techies Team, The Avengers – God Smashings and Aliens Exploding GOODNESS

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I went through a period last weekend of watched a movie with my office team, it tailed off after a while though and honestly 2012 hasn’t been a great year for movies so far, the only thing I’ve watched which I thought worth writing about – that was the time I discovered the joy of Fun Cenema in Jaipur .

All sprytechies team enjoy this movie and we learned how team lead and how targets achieved.


I’ve watched a few things since then, but nothing really noteworthy – so far Avengers has blown everything out of the water in 2012 – it’s also doing amazingly well on IMDB with a stonking (and deserved) 8.8/10. I’m also of course looking forwards massively to The Dark Knight Rises in July and The Hobbit in December – those are big contenders for 2012.

I also have a fair amount of hope for Prometheus in June mostly due to the fact it’s directed by Ridley Scott.

Anyway back to the Avengers, of course I’ve watched every single Marvel film in the series –

– Iron Man (2008)
– Hulk (2008)
– Iron Man 2 (2010)
– Thor (2011)
– Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Some were better than others of course, but Iron Man really was the only one that stood out for me – the rest were ok. There’s going to be an Iron Man 3 (in 2013) as well – so let’s see how that goes.

Anyway, back to the movie – The Avengers – I thought it was great! Especially on IMAX 3D – it was a visual spectacular and the most enjoyable cinema experience I’ve had for quite some time. It was very well paced, the dialogue was witty and the cinematography was suitably epic.

Obviously there’s not a whole lot in the way of storyline, but what were you expecting? In some ways the story is quite similar to that of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

Acting wise the whole cast delivered, even Robin Scherbatsky – yah she’s in there! And for the record, this is the first movie where I’ve found Scarlett Johansson attractive.

This is definitely the best team based superhero movie EVER made and quite possibly the best comic book adaptation so far.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should go and watch it ASAP at TGV Sunway on the REAL IMAX screen in 3D – it’s well worth the extra few

“Now coming on the point.recently loudcrow had launched a comic book based on Avengers-Iron Man,for your Android Phones.”


6 thoughts on “Wached Our First Movie With Spry Techies Team, The Avengers – God Smashings and Aliens Exploding GOODNESS

    worldtourismhub said:
    May 22, 2012 at 8:34 am

    I’m happy to report that everything established in previous movies pays dividends in a large way. It isn’t that anyone must see those other Avenger solo films before seeing this gem however it certainly adds depth and texture for this amazing product. Lacking to intro big main characters deeply allows the action circulation but also enables better development. This allows them to probe deeper into the character’s personalities. This heightens the tension, so frequently missing from comic-book movies, and adds real weight to the story in addition to the action sequences that are thrilling and often mesmerizing. The outcome is a film that’s just plain exceptional.

    Obviously all the phenomenal heroes reached shine and the story accommodated all of them perfectly. Things i loved is the fact that Marvel made it happen again using their main villain. Loki only agreed to be so wonderful and complex in this unique movie. Spurned Loki masterfully dances on the fault lines of villainy and redemption. He keep people guessing and. Again, that’s just shear perfection originating from the god of mischief. He’s such a combination of emotional psychological complexity. You’ve somebody who’s able to thinking and strategizing at the speed of sunshine, but underneath that’s a deep well of pain that at any time threatens to boil over and Tom Hiddleston plays it like the master he’s become. This really is Oscar worthy villain performance good.

    The performances in this movie are just like any That i have ever seen in a journey film. The great actors state that acting similar to playing tennis. The rally they play with a brand new partner is totally different from one to the other. All these GREAT actors have such specific talents it’s fun to determine them play off one another at different times in this movie. I believe Whedon realized this as both director and writer and shuffled things around purposely to play to strengths. It is simply another wonderful facet of this spectacular movie event.

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